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Big Data, AI, Public Service, and Covid-19 Response

Big Data, AI, Public Service, and Covid-19 Response

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence continue to evolve rapidly with use cases especially in the private sector mushrooming across the African continent. With very few public use cases of AI and Big Data within the public service across African countries, there is potential for greater uptake and thus greater benefits of AI and big data within the public service across Africa. It is however important to situate this optimism in the context of realities, constraints, challenges, and discourses on ethics and rights that come into play when implementing Big Data and AI-driven solutions in the public service sector.

AODN’s August webinar on Big Data, AI and the Public Service explored the use of  Big Data and AI in the public service by exploring the current Big Data and AI ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa and Kenya, the opportunities and challenges for Big Data and AI within the Kenyan public service and across Africa, opportunities for big data and AI-driven solutions addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, ethics, and digital rights and how other stakeholders can also support these efforts. 


Elizabeth Thuo is a data scientist at Qhala where she is involved in building data platforms and ventures that solve key societal and economic problems. She holds a Masters of Science in Statistics with Data Analytics and a degree in Actuarial Science. She has previous experience in customer experience and financial reporting.

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