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June Webinar: Drivers for Development Data

June Webinar: Drivers for Development Data

The Africa Open Data Network (AODN) is currently implementing the Africa Open Data Fellowship Program which is an effort to provide support to selected governments in order to help them make progress in addressing the existential risks to open data in their contexts. The Fellowship Program is intended to catalyze momentum in government ministries, departments or agencies responsible for open data with a view to realize sustainable and aligned open data efforts. 

The program is also an effort to surface the evidence needed to advocate for domestic resource mobilization for open data initiatives and catalyze progress towards sustainable and development-aligned open data in Africa. While cross sector data is necessary for sustainable development, the program prioritizes data on Agriculture, Health, Education, Public Finance and Public Contracting with cross-cutting focus on gender and innovation.

To first understand the data for development ecosystem within which open data initiatives are also carried out, AODN is carrying out a study on the drivers for success for data for development (D4D) initiatives in Africa and in 3 African countries in which the fellowship will be running. The study seeks to identify human capital, financing, enabling environment and infrastructure needs for sustainable and mainstreamed data for development initiatives.

The Webinar

The webinar will discuss our findings on what the drivers for data for development are in Africa and in Kenya and who the players in the D4D ecosystem are. The webinar will be on the 13thJune, 2019. Sign up for the webinar by clicking here.

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